Clear Vodka

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Clear Vodka is one of two main categories of Vodka, Clear and Flavoured.  This is the type of vodka people are usually most familiar with.  Clear Vodka is a liquor manufactured from ethyl alcohol. It lacks color, and normally has very little taste or aroma.  The typical % of clear Vodka is around 40% alcohol and can be seen up to 50%.

All Vodka starts out as a clear, colorless spirit, but Vodka from a pot still will contain some of the delicate aromatics and flavor elements of the crop. Pot stills are relatively inefficient, and the resulting spirit from the 1st distillation is usually redistilled to increase the alcohol proof of the spirit. Vodka from a more efficient column still is usually a neutral spirit.

Clear Vodka is the base for many cocktails but people often drink it straight or mixed with a soda.

Well known brands of clear Vodka are Absolut, Smirnoff and Skyy

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