Flavored Vodka

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The other main type of Vodka is Flavored Vodka, as apposed to clear vodka. Flavored Vodka has been produced from the start, originally to hide the flavor of the first primitive Vodkas, but later to show off the distillers skill. The East Europeans still market dozens of flavors. Some of the better known types are:

Pertsovka -Pepper-flavored, made with red chili and black  peppercorns.

Kubanskaya – Flavored with dried lemon and orange peels.

Limonnaya – Flavored with lemon, usually with a touch of sugar added.

Starka – Old Vodka, a holdover from the early days of Vodka production, infused with everything from fruit tree leaves to brandy, Port, Malaga wine, and dried fruit. Sometimes aged in oak casks.

Okhotnichya – Flavored with a mix of lemon peel, ginger, cloves, coffee, and anise. Blended with sugar and a touch of a wine similar to white port.


Zubrovka – Flavored with buffalo grass, an aromatic grass favored by the herds of the rare European bison.

More Recently other flavors have been launched on the world market. The most successful of these have been fruit flavors such as currant and orange.

Flavored Vodkas tend to be closer to 30%Vol of alcohol

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