SKYY Vodka

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SKYY vodka is produced by SKYY Spirits LLC in California.  When SKYY Spirits LLC first launched in 1992 SKYY vodka was its first product.  Created by Maurice Kanbar and claimed to be nearly congener free due to its unique distillation process. SKYY Vodka has a distinctive cobalt blue bottle with a plastic label. In 2008 SKYY expanded their Vodka line with five new flavored vodkas.

SKYY Vodka is relatively new on the scene compared to established brands such as Absoulte Vodka.  This hasn’t stopped SKYY taking a healthy chunk of the US vodka sales with revenue over $300, million in 2008.

SKYY Vodka currently comes in just over 10 varieties, mostly flavored vodkas including

  • SKYY Cherry
  • SKYY Citrus
  • SKYY Ginger
  • SKYY Grape
  • SKYY Passion Fruit
  • SKYY Pineapple

How SKYY will play out globally is still yet to be seen but having a strong foundation in the US is likely to be crucial to this.

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