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Smirnoff is a brand of vodka produced by British company Diageo. Smirnoff began with a distillery founded by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov (1831–1898), the son of illiterate Russian peasants.

Pyotr Smirnov founded his distillery in Moscow in the 1860s under the name of PA Smirnoff, pioneering charcoal filtration in the 1870s, and becoming the first to utilize advertising along with charitable donations to stifle anti-vodka sentiment, capturing two-thirds of Moscow’s market by 1886. His brand was reportedly the favorite of the tsar. When he died, he was succeeded by his third son Vladimir. The company grew and produced more than 4 million cases of vodka per year.

In 1904 the Tsar nationalized the vodka industry and Vladimir Smirnov was forced into selling his brand. During the 1917 Revolution, the Smirnov family fled Russia. Vladimir Smirnov re-established his factory in 1920 in Constantinople. Four years later he moved to Lwów and started to sell the vodka under the French spelling of the name, “Smirnoff”. The new product was a success and by the end of 1930 it was exported to most of Europe.

Now Smirnoff has over 30 different products under the name and is distributed in 130 countries. Smirnoff has won countless awards including a double gold medal at the 2009 World Spirits Competition.

Smirnoff products include vodka, flavored vodka, and malt drinks. In 2006 Diageo claimed that Smirnoff vodka was the best selling distilled spirit brand in the world.  There are a wide selection of Smirnoff flavors, some harder to find than others.

Smirnoff Vodka Flavors:

  • Blueberry
  • Citrus
  • Cranberry
  • Green Apple
  • Orange
  • Passion Fruit
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • White Grape

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